AHZ Combi-Grill-Apparatus

consisting of following articles:

215A   Plate for column, without column, 25 x 25 cm, Iron

Price per piece: 135.00

216A   Hinged Bracket operating range 25cm

Price per piece: 139.00

220   Column, Ø 15 mm x 40 cm, chrome steel

Price per piece: 33.00

302   Electrical grill apparatus 230 V, 15 W, 2 m cable, 11 x 14 x 14 cm

Price per piece: 463.00

303A   Handle with pinned wheel for roast grills and spites, 53 cm

Price per piece: 125.00

303C   Combi roast grill, without pivot, 30 cm usable width, for about 3 kg roasts, 44 cm, chromed

Price per piece: 183.00


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Total price: 1078.00

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